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Fangcon getting closer.
I'm busting my buns getting really cool swag together for the con, plus all of my normal(?) life stuff.  Draconis is really helping me out as my RL is crazy right now.  There will be a new newsletter out on soon.  Paypal is messed up right now and I am trying to get it resolved.  It has to do with suddenly they want all kind of random forms and information about Fangcon, so I have to get bank stuff, business tax numbers, etc. together to send to them.  I will try to get this done by Friday so Paypal can get back up.

That being said, I have to share with you all my derp moment of the week.  Buck Riley, aka Husky in Denial, was at my shop yesterday.  We were talking about him performing at Fangcon next month and getting him hooked up with Rhubarb and Vivaldi Foxerz to work out the details.  He also was telling me about some things he needed printed and was showing me an image he wanted reproduced, but the layer it was on did not have the line art on it.  I told him that if he applied a stroke to the image, it would be more uniform and better for the vinyl cutter.  He was struggling with getting this done and I cheerfully said... wait for it...

"Don't bother to stroke it, I'll stroke it for you." Herp de derp! *facepaws*

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(Deleted comment)
"Don't bother to stroke it, I'll stroke it for you."

What an accommodating kitty!

How many have preregistered?

Good news, unless something with my family gets in the way, I'll be able to attend! I need to get my hotel reservations for a single room taken care of soon.

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