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FangCon Moving Forward... Personal Hurdles Ahead
With the hotel registration and con registration up, FangCon is moving forward.  The staff heads and track leaders are filling the schedules even as I type.  I give a tip of the hat to Draconis for his major help at this time in helping me coordinate things.  Since this is a first year con, everyone please talk it up.

On a personal note, I have a major surgery looming very soon.  My sinus surgery may happen in the next few weeks.  The doctor today didn't sugar coat it.  They are going to muck about inside my skull after they lift a huge chunk of scalp.  My right frontal sinus (above my right eye) is going bye bye.  They are going to clean it out and put a filler in it.  The good thing is I won't have to have it drained every six weeks and my sleep patterns will restore.  Yay.  Of course, after this, I won't be able to blame my being a crazy cat on anything but my personality.  I wonder if this will affect my eating habits in elevators.

My next con is pretty much local and I know I will see many friends there.  Mephit Fur Meet in Mississippi.

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Please edit your post and add the con URL to this. LOL furries hate to look that stuff up you know

Get a wet vac for that!!

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