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Sad Day
One of my beloved Keeshonden dogs has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was only 7 and will be sorely missed.  She was in great health and was an agility and obedience competitor.  We do not know why she died.  The vet said it could have been almost anything from swallowing something to a bee sting.  It was NOT heat stroke as she was an inside dog.  Her name was Ch Riverfox Dora the Explorer.  She had multiple obedience and agility titles.  My spouse is taking this exceptionally hard as she was the closest to her (and her trainer.  This was a sudden shock and we are in mourning for our little fur kid.

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Aww..sorry to hear that, Keefur. :(


We are pretty devastated right now. Thanks for the kind words.
*hugs back*

I am sorry about the loss. Like you said I would be pretty upset I loose my Marbles.

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