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RCFM and FangCon
RCFM went forward despite the problems of the past year.  I got cajoled onto the staff as the Variety Show coordinator.  The variety show went off without much of a problem despite having no working microphones and getting the projector set up five minutes before show time.  Much fun was had and Bucktown Tiger did a stand-up set.  I ripped some fox jokes, and there were some videos (thanks Draconis aka Calamity Cougar), and some songs.  I only had a couple of days to prepare for the show, so skits weren't possible to set up.  All in all, it went much better than expected.  The con itself is in a reset mode and is reinventing itself, so it was very much like a first year con.  The facilities were a bit cramped, but adequate.  Here is a sample of what went on.! This might explain why I didn't have to go out very often to eat.

FangCon is moving forward.  We are stamping out all the little forest fires and such that pop up.  Such fun!  We have invented some new fursuit games and such that are more crowd interactive. Our goal is to keep everyone involved and entertained as much as possible. We also agreed on our tee shirt design at our impromptu board meeting at RCFM.

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I had the PA and microphones as per Draconis' request. They were in my trunk the whole weekend. You should have called me!

Sorry. I didn't know about you having microphones until after the show. I was told at opening ceremonies that the a/v equipment was covered, but at rehearsals on Saturday, neither microphone that was there earlier was working. Well, actually the lavalier mic was working, but if we used it, we wouldn't have been able to show video. The projector had to be tracked down and was hooked up about 5 minutes before showtime. What we did came out pretty good in the end. I know how this stuff happens and I didn't freak out. I was just trying to figure out how to do a show with no sound or video until we finally got the projector going. Everyone there had a good time, and that's our goal. Next year it will be the bomb.

I am actually very interested in seeing how FangCon goes its first year. I don't think I'll attend until its second year, but I'm really hoping it takes off for you guys. I'd love to add another semi-local con to my schedule. I'm always looking for new cons to deal at.

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