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Steampunk Sabertooth

Bustin' Butt
I'm working hard on the load of swag for FangCon.  I got most of the autograph books done yesterday, but I'm waiting for pre-registration ending on October 1st before I work on the Personalized sketch books and lenticular badges for the Super Sponsors.  We have lots of other really cool surprises in store for the con.   Husky in Denial is coming and will be doing a set on Sunday, which is good news.  Well, since I worked all night again, I'm going to go catch a nap.

Fangcon getting closer.
I'm busting my buns getting really cool swag together for the con, plus all of my normal(?) life stuff.  Draconis is really helping me out as my RL is crazy right now.  There will be a new newsletter out on Fangcon.org soon.  Paypal is messed up right now and I am trying to get it resolved.  It has to do with suddenly they want all kind of random forms and information about Fangcon, so I have to get bank stuff, business tax numbers, etc. together to send to them.  I will try to get this done by Friday so Paypal can get back up.

That being said, I have to share with you all my derp moment of the week.  Buck Riley, aka Husky in Denial, was at my shop yesterday.  We were talking about him performing at Fangcon next month and getting him hooked up with Rhubarb and Vivaldi Foxerz to work out the details.  He also was telling me about some things he needed printed and was showing me an image he wanted reproduced, but the layer it was on did not have the line art on it.  I told him that if he applied a stroke to the image, it would be more uniform and better for the vinyl cutter.  He was struggling with getting this done and I cheerfully said... wait for it...

"Don't bother to stroke it, I'll stroke it for you." Herp de derp! *facepaws*

Elvis Week
The busiest week of the year is here.  It's 3:30AM.  I'm taking 5 to bang out a journal entry to keep awake.  I have to make 300 Elvis books by 10AM.  One book is a complete rework on photos and minor layout.  I am one tired Kitty.  My wife is keeping me awake and helping, too.  Next week I concentrate on FangCon stuff.  There is some really cool swag coming, so pony up some dough and register.  Go to fangcon.org.

FangCon Moving Forward... Personal Hurdles Ahead
With the hotel registration and con registration up, FangCon is moving forward.  The staff heads and track leaders are filling the schedules even as I type.  I give a tip of the hat to Draconis for his major help at this time in helping me coordinate things.  Since this is a first year con, everyone please talk it up.

On a personal note, I have a major surgery looming very soon.  My sinus surgery may happen in the next few weeks.  The doctor today didn't sugar coat it.  They are going to muck about inside my skull after they lift a huge chunk of scalp.  My right frontal sinus (above my right eye) is going bye bye.  They are going to clean it out and put a filler in it.  The good thing is I won't have to have it drained every six weeks and my sleep patterns will restore.  Yay.  Of course, after this, I won't be able to blame my being a crazy cat on anything but my personality.  I wonder if this will affect my eating habits in elevators.

My next con is pretty much local and I know I will see many friends there.  Mephit Fur Meet in Mississippi.

What a Tiring Day
I had to do 800 con books for Liberty Con in Chattanooga today so I could take them with me to Nashville for a convenient drop off as I had to be there anyway.  I had boxed up the con books for Morphicon for shipping Monday, and was concentrating on laminating the covers for Liberty Con, waiting for the new lamination roll to come in via Fedex as I was running out and needed it to finish the job. At 3PM I called Fedex asking them where the @#&! it was.  They said that they had delivered it at 9AM and it was signed for by a K. Johnson.  I didn't recognize the name.  No one in my building knew who it was, so I called back.  They then discovered that it had been mis-delivered and they would get someone to bring it over.  They called me back... bad news... the place they delivered it to was closed for the day (and weekend).  They said they would call me right back though.  I was like huh?  Ok.  I was mystified and pissed at the same time.  Now it is 4PM.  The shop door opens and in comes the Fedex delivery guy with my laminate (no call).  I asked him where had it been delivered to that they were able to get someone to come back to open their business so they could bring it to me.  The driver smiles and says...  THE FEDEX MAIL ROOM.  *facepaws* I am literally within a half mile of the corporate offices of Fedex.  You would think they would know how to check packages coming to their own building.

Ok... finally got the job done.  I'm getting ready to go home and shower and eat so I can be fresh for my trip to Nashville tomorrow for the Fangcon board meeting.  Nope... I can't go.  My partner comes in with an order sheet and 4 temp helpers.  I had to do 1200 funeral booklets for a next morning service.  A well respected local preacher's mother had died and the whole congregation was coming to the funeral. So we work on it and finally get it done.  Now I am tired, hungry, and probably smell worse than Quasi Skunk. Hehe. (no offense Quasi *hugs*).  I have to be up in about 5 hours to go drive to Nashville.  Blech!

Sad Day
One of my beloved Keeshonden dogs has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  She was only 7 and will be sorely missed.  She was in great health and was an agility and obedience competitor.  We do not know why she died.  The vet said it could have been almost anything from swallowing something to a bee sting.  It was NOT heat stroke as she was an inside dog.  Her name was Ch Riverfox Dora the Explorer.  She had multiple obedience and agility titles.  My spouse is taking this exceptionally hard as she was the closest to her (and her trainer.  This was a sudden shock and we are in mourning for our little fur kid.

Newest FangCon poster
Here is the newest FangCon poster courtesy of the musical "Hairspray" and a guest appearance by a friendly Mephit.  http://s1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc409/Keefur/Parody%20Posters/?action=view&current=Skunksprayflattened2.jpg

RCFM and FangCon
RCFM went forward despite the problems of the past year.  I got cajoled onto the staff as the Variety Show coordinator.  The variety show went off without much of a problem despite having no working microphones and getting the projector set up five minutes before show time.  Much fun was had and Bucktown Tiger did a stand-up set.  I ripped some fox jokes, and there were some videos (thanks Draconis aka Calamity Cougar), and some songs.  I only had a couple of days to prepare for the show, so skits weren't possible to set up.  All in all, it went much better than expected.  The con itself is in a reset mode and is reinventing itself, so it was very much like a first year con.  The facilities were a bit cramped, but adequate.  Here is a sample of what went on.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvU466TYWxY#! This might explain why I didn't have to go out very often to eat.

FangCon is moving forward.  We are stamping out all the little forest fires and such that pop up.  Such fun!  We have invented some new fursuit games and such that are more crowd interactive. Our goal is to keep everyone involved and entertained as much as possible. We also agreed on our tee shirt design at our impromptu board meeting at RCFM.

FangCon stuff.
I've been very sick lately with the con crud extended version.  I am still coughing from Mid South Con at the end of March.  It is slowly getting better though.  I got the printing for Morphicon and Wild Nights out on time.  I have Central Plains Fur Meet stuff in a box ready to go.  I did a couple of posters for FangCon.  I think they're really funny.  They are in my FA account under the name Keefur. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7968434/ and the other one is in there, too.

I have been working on equipment at the shop for the past couple of days.  I desperately need a new paper cutter.  I am also changing out the roller on my heavy duty bulk laminator.  Wolfaya is coming by later this afternoon.  I'm off to eat breakfast now.  Later.