A bottle once owned
Here's a picture of a bottle I once owned.  I'm putting it here so I can link to it to show a friend.  The bottle was made in 1855 by two guys who partnered for that year only.  The color is really rare.  In olive green, it is actually quite common.  It also comes in sky blue and cobalt blue.  The blue versions are worth about a sixth of the black version.  I don't know what it is worth today exactly as there are only about 6 or 7 examples known.  This bottle sold about 15 years ago for $6000 by me on Ebay and then again for $12,000 by the person who bought it from me to a collector.  I would estimate the value today at $20k to $25k.

Wild Nights, Morphicon, FangCon et.al.
Well, the Wild Nights and Morphicon printing was done on time, though it pushed me so hard that I think it made me ill.  By the time I made it to Wild Nights late last Thursday, I was quite sick.  I helped Gabriel Steel and Wolfaya (with a cub in the oven) at registration.  By Friday evening I was toast and I slept through most of Saturday day, barely making the fursuit parade at 4PM.  In fairness to myself, there were others there that came down with some kind of bug, but it couldn't have been me as the carrier as a day or two simply isn't long enough of an incubation period for a cold or anything like it.  I think I had bronchitis on top of everything else.   Consequently I didn't really enjoy the con because of illness.  This seems to be a running gag with me as last year I had shingles and DID miss the fursuit parade.  The con itself was fun from what I did catch of it though.  Sonic Blu, and Wild Wolf were really nice to meet.  Luthian Nightwolf did really nice art work for the con and with the super sponsor con badges.  The banner I donated with the art for next year "Wild kNights of the Round Table" by Firefeathers looked awesome and inspirational and it will be carried to various cons for promotion.   Draconis, as always, did a great job with the Variety show.  He used the parody song version of the Muppets Show opening song that I did.  With only one minor line change, it sounded pretty cool.  I wish I had known ahead of time.  It really surprised me.  At the Mesa meeting after closing ceremonies, I turned down a nomination for president.  With everything I do in the fandom, I didn't think it would be fair to Wild Nights to try to take that load on, too.  I am running for VP against Blackdog, an honorable and steadfast furry friend.  I wish him luck and would not mind at all if he won as he would do a good job.

Buck Riley, aka Husky in Denial, along with Phat Cat were passengers of mine to and from the con.  Thanks to Phat Cat for driving part of the way there as I had worked more than 36 straight hours getting stuff done.  Gee, I wish cons would get their stuff to me ahead of time.  Buck and I will be getting together soon for some parody song work hopefully.  Sonic Blu expressed interest in performing some of my parody work also.

After returning home and spending a couple of days in R&R, I got with the webmaster and now the FangCon website is really up.  FangCon will be pushed hard from here on in, and things will start poppin'.  

Well, I have pictures to restore tonight for a person who used to work putting acts together for Stacks Records and others.  I have some pretty cool and historical pics to work on.  I cannot post them as they don't belong to this ol' Sabertooth.  I have Elvis pics, Bar-Kays, Isaac Hayes, etc.  The oddest picture is one of one of the Tiller brothers (an old time Memphis badass), and James Earl Ray in prison in Memphis.  I didn't ask him how he came by THAT photo.  Back to work for the Sabertooth.  Later y'all.

Lots of Good Things Today
Well, let's see.  The new FangCon website (fangcon.org) is up.  Thanks Bunny Halberd.  I have most of the tee shirts done for Wild Nights.  Wolfaya and I were working on the con stuff tonight.  I will be printing the con book interiors and covers for Wild Nights and Morphicon tomorrow.  I got a shout out from my friend, Greifer on his video as he showed off the badge that Wolfaya and I did for him.  As we were watching the video, another friend of mine called and said I was on the home page for a company called Business Visuals that does commercial photography in Memphis. Here's a link to the page that shows all the pictures of me working my furry little tail off for the Kitties in need at the House of Mews.  http://www.businessvisuals.net/meowathon_2011.html
The photos were taken at last years 5k run, in which I participated (in suit) even managing to finish first.  As soon as the race started, I threw up my hands and loudly proclaimed, "I'm Finished!"  I never said I WON the race. hehe. 

The Birthday, the zoo and friends.
I went to Nashville on Saturday for the Bongo Java coffee meet-up and the FangCon board meeting.  It just happened to be my birthday, and I could no have thought of a better present for myself than to be surrounded by a pack of crazy furries.  On Sunday, we all went to the Nashville zoo.  (21 of us)  I got to see the real life inspiration for my new forthcoming fursuit, a Clouded Leopard.  I don't know what it is about me and long teeth.  It turns out that proportional to body size, the Clouded Leopard has the longest canine teeth of any living cat.  That means I'll have living and extinct cats covered tooth wise. lolz.

Furries Under Glass
Wolfaya (Zoggy) and I (Cutter Cat) were invited to speak at the University of Memphis today... in fursuit.  It was a class on "deviant" behavior.  We stood silently while the class was told to write down first impressions.  We then introduced ourselves and took questions for almost an hour.  It was typical stuff about why do it, what about the sex stuff, how did we become furries, etc.  One guy there considered being a furry a progressive mental illness apparently as he asked questions like "Is wearing ears and a tail a gateway behavior to more and more extreme furry behavior?"  Zoggy and I conducted ourselves with verbal agility and honor.  I think we really got through to most of them that although it is an alternative lifestyle, furries aren't all that odd.

On a side note, we were read lots of the first impressions that the students had written.  There were about 60 students present in the class.  It was pretty much split into thirds with some being freaked out by us being there, some being more or less neutral, and some wanting to give us hugs because we were so cute.

Almost Squashed
I almost was in an accident that proved fatal for one of the drivers.  The interstate traffic had stopped, and apparently one driver hadn't noticed and plowed into a car three cars back of me.  I hear a brief screech and look in my rear view and see an SUV rolling over and over sideways on top of the cars behind me and it's headed right for me.  The motorcycle in front of me probably soiled himself and took off between two cars which allowed me to pull up slightly.  The vehicle showered my car with debris and came to a rest with a crunching, hissing, thud ten feet behind me.  I got onto the phone and called 911 to report an accident with injuries.  After determining where I was, the lady on the phone wanted to know the color of the vehicle.  I said I wasn't sure because all I could see was the bottom which was facing me.  She sounded annoyed and said that they had to be able to locate the vehicle upon arrival.   I said that she would have no trouble finding the vehicle... it would be the one on it's side in the middle of the interstate, and why wasn't an ambulance already on the way?  I hope that I don't ever have to depend on someone like her to help ME in a crisis.  After I finished on the phone, People were already helping the injured.  A friend told me later that the accident was on the news and said it was called a deadly accident.  I didn't have the heart to look at the report.

On another note, I was at MidSouth Con yesterday and today.  It's a gaming con that I do the printing for.  Yesterday I noticed that a friend of mine, the con chair, was wearing a "Lego" character suit.  I told him I should get my fursuit.  He said go ahead... no one will notice.  So I did.  I fursuited for about two hours on Saturday, and for an hour today.  I must have had close to a hundred photo ops.  I didn't enter the masquerade costume contest though.  I thought that would be pushing my luck a little.  I only had two people (who were sitting together), comment about me being a furry in a snide comment.  I looked at them.  I said, "You know guys, I also do charity work in this fursuit.  Do either of you do any charity work?" (They shook their heads no.) To which I said, "That's because your spending all your time on your fat asses playing games all day."  They looked a bit stunned as I clomped off in my suit.   Don't EVER eff with the Sabertooth. 

Website, and other stuff.
The con website will be up and running soon.  (crosses paw fingers).  I am still filling staff positions, so if you are interested, please contact me. 

Other stuff.  I got to do a little fursuiting wearing my suit, Cutter Cat, on Saturday for the House of Mews, a Memphis area cat rescue group.  They were having a 5k run and silent auciton.  I was told that I was the hit of the event, with many attendees having their pictures made with me, and almost all of the medal winners posing with me, too.  A local car dealership took my photo with one of their cars and they said they would post it their web page.  The House of Mews has asked me to be their "mascot", so I will be attending many of their events in the future.  Too bad they aren't in the Nashville area or I could designate them as a charity recepiant from FangCon.  Needless to say, I had a really nice Saturday.  Any day I get to fursuit is a good day.

I just got off the computer Teamspeak meeting with Mesa (the group that puts on the Wild Nights convention in Oklahoma).  That con is moving right along and getting prepared for good times in April next year.  Anyway, that's what is going on in my little world.  I'll try to post more soon.

FangCon update
FangCon has a home.  The contracts are executed, and things are in motion.  It will be held at the Millenium Maxwell House in Nashville, Tennessee on October 24th - 26th, 2012.  It is a really nice site.  I am going to get with the web master for the con this weekend to start adding content and get set up for registration.  Wolfaya and I went down on Halloween to finalize things.  It was fun signing the contracts while we were wearing our fursuits!  Of course, the sales people at the hotel were all zombies!  It made Wolfaya's fursona, Zoggy, the zombie doggy, feel right at home.  With all the zombies and monsters running around the hotel, of course the waitress at the hotel was only terrified of Cutter Cat.  Go figure.  I chatted with Draconis and Rhubarb (two of FangCon's GoHs)  while I was at Oklacon.  They have something devious planned for me I'm sure, but I haven't a clue what it might be.  They were quite secretive.  

On another note, I was PAID to go to the Cordova Malco theatre last Friday to masquerade as... Cutter Cat.  I wore a Puss-in-Boots outfit and claimed to be a cousin to the screen star (having taught him everything he nknows).  Wolfaya was also there doing a fantastic job doing face paintings.  Lots of fun was had by all.  The House of Mews cat rescue was there, and our tip money went to help the kitties.  Now the House of Mews wants me to mascot at their 5k run on November 19th.  It is nice to feel wanted (outside of having my picture in a post office). 

I will try to make more posts about the con and other events more often now that things are starting to proceed at a faster pace. 

One Tired Kitty
I had a job come in last night for 200 full color books on gloss paper and they wanted them  by this morning.  Ugh!  Ok... crazy price time.  Oops, they want it anyway.  I got like an hour sleep since the night before last.

I am talking with hotels trying to find a home for Fangcon.  I have a couple of possibilities.

When I am more rested (and lucid) I will post more.

MFM... Fangcon on the Horizon
I was at MFM.  I fursuited like there was no tomorrow because I still don't know when my surgery will be set.  The doctor wants an assist from a different doctor and he wants me to see him first.  Anyway, I suited till it hurt my head so bad I couldn't see straight, or maybe it was that shot of Absinthe I tried.  By Sunday evening I was toast as far as suiting was concerned, and I sat in the lobby talking with Rhubarb the Bear (recently graduated from RhubarbCub) and Cosmik. 

I did a lot of networking and talking about the con.  I put out flyers and announced the con publicly for the first time outside the TNfur.org forums.  When I saw Bucktown Tiger at MFM and told him that I knew of a con he hadn't gone to, he was totally taken by surprise.  I guess he thought he knew everything new in the fandom. lol.  His new suit looks really pro. 

I have Rhubarb the Bear as a guest performer, and Draconis (aka Calamity Cougar) as Guest of Honor.  Draconis deserves this recognition as he has organized so many talent shows, and done so much behind the scenes at so many cons that he almost is taken for granted.  I get angry when someone in the fandom gives of themselves so much and is overlooked.   As far as Rhubarb is concerned, the fandom is blessed with having access to such a talented performer and playwrite.  I was more than overjoyed at being able to obtain them both.  Other news is that I have found a patron of the Fandom who says that they can get TV and Radio slots for the new con in Nashville, and maybe even sponsors.  This patron is going to help negotiate a hotel site for the con, too.  I hope to go out to Nashville on Tuesday and meet with him.   I am getting close to picking staffers for the con.  I won't give out names just yet, but the staff is about half set right now in my mind if all works out.  I am still taking names for positions though.  I hope to have every staffer paired with an apprentice so that many furs gain experience and get crossed trained.

As I said to the furs on TNfurs.org, I am not doing this for myself.  I'm a greymuzzle, and won't be around a whole lot longer.  I am doing this for the young furs and for my love of the fandom.  I guess I'm sort of an idealist and a dreamer.  I see so many things at so many cons that I think could be improved or changed for the better, that I decided to do this con.


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