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Bustin' Butt
I'm working hard on the load of swag for FangCon.  I got most of the autograph books done yesterday, but I'm waiting for pre-registration ending on October 1st before I work on the Personalized sketch books and lenticular badges for the Super Sponsors.  We have lots of other really cool surprises in store for the con.   Husky in Denial is coming and will be doing a set on Sunday, which is good news.  Well, since I worked all night again, I'm going to go catch a nap.

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It's shake'n'bake, an' ah heyelped!

Since our con theme is Musicals, we thought it would be cool that instead of having a scavenger hunt like most cons do, we would do an "autograph hunt" where you would go around trying to find the "famous" furries on your list and get them to sign your autograph book. We also felt it would promote interaction and maybe help some of the newer furs meet new friends.

I used old animal advertisements or art from the late 1800's through the 1930's. They really are fun little colorful spiral bound books (about 4"x6"). There are 28 different covers. Several of them have foxes. I would be glad to send you one if you wish.

Hey keefur, did you ever get my email about the ad I wanted to submit for the conbook?

Hey there. Warndog does the con book shoot me a post and I wll forward it on to him

I made contact with Keefur, but thank you for the offer.

Sounds cool, but I still cant pay for my registration with Paypal.:(

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