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What a Tiring Day
I had to do 800 con books for Liberty Con in Chattanooga today so I could take them with me to Nashville for a convenient drop off as I had to be there anyway.  I had boxed up the con books for Morphicon for shipping Monday, and was concentrating on laminating the covers for Liberty Con, waiting for the new lamination roll to come in via Fedex as I was running out and needed it to finish the job. At 3PM I called Fedex asking them where the @#&! it was.  They said that they had delivered it at 9AM and it was signed for by a K. Johnson.  I didn't recognize the name.  No one in my building knew who it was, so I called back.  They then discovered that it had been mis-delivered and they would get someone to bring it over.  They called me back... bad news... the place they delivered it to was closed for the day (and weekend).  They said they would call me right back though.  I was like huh?  Ok.  I was mystified and pissed at the same time.  Now it is 4PM.  The shop door opens and in comes the Fedex delivery guy with my laminate (no call).  I asked him where had it been delivered to that they were able to get someone to come back to open their business so they could bring it to me.  The driver smiles and says...  THE FEDEX MAIL ROOM.  *facepaws* I am literally within a half mile of the corporate offices of Fedex.  You would think they would know how to check packages coming to their own building.

Ok... finally got the job done.  I'm getting ready to go home and shower and eat so I can be fresh for my trip to Nashville tomorrow for the Fangcon board meeting.  Nope... I can't go.  My partner comes in with an order sheet and 4 temp helpers.  I had to do 1200 funeral booklets for a next morning service.  A well respected local preacher's mother had died and the whole congregation was coming to the funeral. So we work on it and finally get it done.  Now I am tired, hungry, and probably smell worse than Quasi Skunk. Hehe. (no offense Quasi *hugs*).  I have to be up in about 5 hours to go drive to Nashville.  Blech!

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I've really lost a lot of respect for FedEx lately. Over the past six months, they've managed to destroy not one, but two demo-gear boxes on their way to/from tradeshows for our company. And I don't mean cardboard boxes, I mean heavy-duty double-walled thermoplastic shipping containers, of the type sold by Pelican/Hardigg, with shock-mounted equipment racks and steel draw latches all around the outside, that cost around $700 a pop.

Unfortunately, UPS is no better. Isn't there any shipping service that actually cares whether they deliver the right packages, intact, to the right person at the right time anymore?

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