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FangCon stuff.
I've been very sick lately with the con crud extended version.  I am still coughing from Mid South Con at the end of March.  It is slowly getting better though.  I got the printing for Morphicon and Wild Nights out on time.  I have Central Plains Fur Meet stuff in a box ready to go.  I did a couple of posters for FangCon.  I think they're really funny.  They are in my FA account under the name Keefur. and the other one is in there, too.

I have been working on equipment at the shop for the past couple of days.  I desperately need a new paper cutter.  I am also changing out the roller on my heavy duty bulk laminator.  Wolfaya is coming by later this afternoon.  I'm off to eat breakfast now.  Later.

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OOoooo such an exciting post.

Wait wait... that was MY fursuit! ...Why didn't anyone ask me if that was okay to use? I mean, I'm not angry or anything, it's just a little shocking to suddenly see your original fursona's character in such a position! I was surprised to say the least. ;)

I apologize for using your fursuit. I have a stock photos of characters I pull from that I have permission to use, and I guess you must have been in one of the photos. I can pull it if you want.

No, it's okay. Just wondered why I hadn't been asked about it. As long as I can get credit, I'm okay with it. I'm just glad my husband wasn't mad, as our characters are almost always portrayed together!

Next time, please ask. I'll likely say yes, but I appreciate being asked. I'm a little particular about how my characters are used.

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